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Conference Steering Commitee

Thomas Malone, MIT – Chair

Program Organizing Committee

Torben Juul Andersen, CBS – Conference Chair 


Robert Gleasure, CBS – Conference Co-Chair

Stig Nyman Christiansen, CBS – Web Chair 

Sine Zambach, CBS – Media Chair 

Maylis Saigot, CBS – Digital Chair

Alex Klinge, CBS – Accessibility chair

Markus Helfert, Maynooth – Corporate Relations Chair

Program commitee

Deborah M. Gordon, Stanford – Program Chair, Biology, Neuroscience, and Algorithms


Jan vom Brocke,  Liechtenstein – Program Chair, Psychology, Behavior, and Information Systems


Kevin Crowston, Syracuse – Program Chair, Control, Communication, and Cybernetics


Arvind Malhotra, UNC-Chapel Hill – Program Chair, Strategy, Management, and Collaboration 


Caroline de la Porte, CBS – Program Chair, Ecosystems, Global Economy, and Society 

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